Say no more to bank fees abroad

Everything you need to get ready… Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

Remember the old times, when you had to think ahead to get your travel money and figure out how much to spend abroad? And, needless to say, getting the best exchange rates from local banks or the exchange currency office tended to overprice.
So, you will ask me, is there a way to make the most of my money and bring the fees down while traveling?
The answer is yes! Times have changed and technologies have come up with alternative options. Let me tell you all about it.

Today, jumping from one plane into the other, hoping on in Europe and hoping off in Asia, believe it or not, I do not have to worry about getting the right currency anymore. How is that you would ask me?
When planning to move over to the U.K a few years ago, I did struggle to find the right bank that will allow me to keep my current account and avoid adding fees to my spending abroad. Traditional banks will be adding a fee in addition to the exchange rate while buying outside your card’s currency.

Ready to go, nothing should stop you from going. Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

This is now overrated, as numerous applications today are offering you an alternative to the unnecessary charges you will be facing while spending overseas. For these reasons, there was an opening for mobile applications like Monzo or Revolut, if we are to give examples. This choice has become very popular for a younger generation like you and I, travelling on a budget. Offers start from prepaid debit cards that you can top up depending on your needs. You can as well go with the premium account with a monthly fee and get a current account. Revolut, another application offers you a free account with a debit card that gives you the chance to spend in no less than 150 different currencies at no extra fees. But if that sounds like a bother to walk around with too many cards, we have come up with a solution for you as well.
Another mobile application for which I have definitely fallen for is Curve. This one has come up with the opportunity to transfer virtually ll cards under one and only card. The app let you select what card to use. No idea what you are spending? It doesn’t have to be complicated, and no calculator will be needed to get a fair deal. The application will notifies you when buying in another currency how much you have spent n your regular currency.

Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash

All these options give you an oversee of your account anytime and send you an instant notification of your spending. In addition, you can enjoy your travelling without any stress due to your spending. This method of payment can be used anywhere around the globe and with an exchange rate that outweigh any competition, as no fees at all! The free accounts offer you the basics , while by upgrading to a premium account you will get access access to priority lounge at airports, time to get VIP! But as well, you will be able to get a travel and medical insurance. If you, like many of us, tend to forget or loose your belongings, stop worrying about it, the apps will let you freeze and unfreeze your card as you wish. One last advise, lay back and enjoy your travelling, everything is taken care of!

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